Eng. Mihai HULEA, PhD Lecturer

About this page

Information you will find on this site is in Romanian, being dedicated to students, for classes I teach at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Automation Department. Bellow you can find my roles and responsibilities as a member of Automation Department.

Teaching courses and labs for bachelor program:

  • Software Programming Engineering (courses and lab) - basic OOP concept, UML and design patterns in Java;
  • Distributed Control Systems (courses and labs) - advanced programming concepts in Java for building distributed applications (threads, sockets, rmi, servlets, jsp, jdbc);
  • Real-Time Systems 1 (labs)- teaching C++ programming in Linux with focus on processes management and inter-process communication mechanisms (IPC, signals, pipes, files);
  • Real-Time Systems 2 (labs) - advanced multithreaded programming mechanism in java (synchronization, locks, semaphores, cyclic barriers, thread pools) and programming in real-time java (RTSJ specifications);
  • Project Management (course and labs) - introduction in project management concepts, processes, methodologies and tools.

Teaching courses and labs for master programs:

  • Evolutionary Systems (labs) - genetic algorithms and genetic programming;
  • Software Structures for Real-Time Applications (labs) - UML, UPPAL, GIOTTO, State Machines.

Teaching courses and labs for post-universitary professional reconversion programs:

  • Visual C++ Programming (labs) - implementing Windows desktop applications in Visual Studio 6.0;
  • Programming in Java (labs) - OOP concepts, desktop applications.

Member of various research projects in the fields of distributed and real-time systems. Representative research projects:

  • TRAFCON - A road traffic control and information system;
  • IDA - Fingerprint identification and validation system;
  • Railway real-time traffic control system.

Research interests:

  • Distributed control systems
  • Road & rail traffic control
  • Internet of things

Coordinating junior researchers and students in individual projects, master thesis and bachelor thesis.